Full-Stack Business

Skills that will equip you to succeed in any market conditions.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:

✔️ Opportunity Vehicles
✔️ How to Gauge Market Interest
✔️ Course Outline with Learning Outcomes
✔️ Removing the Time Bottleneck
✔️ Offers as Transformations
✔️ Social Proof on Steroids
✔️ Low-Ticket Entry Points
✔️ The Power and Purpose of Free
✔️ Organic Acquisition Techniques
✔️ Free Value Platform
✔️ 3-Way Social Engagement
✔️ Perceived Value in High-Ticket Offers
✔️ Why You Need Recurring
✔️ Re-engage and Retarget
✔️ Lifelong Clients
✔️ More Leads Than You Want
✔️ Community Sales
✔️ The Tripwire
✔️ Influencer Marketing
✔️ Pain Points in Copy
✔️ Advanced Landing Pages
✔️ Testing Ad Creatives
✔️ Webinar Funnel Blueprint
✔️ Deep Tracking
✔️ Effective Product Delivery
✔️ Cash Flow Management
✔️ Hiring Funnels
✔️ Free Trials
✔️ Eliciting Immediate Action
✔️ Relationships Over Sales
✔️ Discounting
✔️ The Power of Authority
✔️ Tearing Your Product to Pieces
✔️ Segmentation of Your List
✔️ From Digital to Physical Product
✔️ Your Journey, Your Myth
✔️ Mission, Vision, Financial Projections
✔️ Urgency in Offers
✔️ Commissions Without Delivery
✔️ Free Consultation Funnels
✔️ Backend Optimization
✔️ Single Variable Testing
✔️ Platforms That Work
✔️ Repurposing Content
✔️ Conversion Rate Optimization
✔️ Your Brand Story
✔️ Project Management
✔️ When to Pivot
✔️ The Problem with Getting Customers
✔️ Unified Model for All Strategies
✔️ Team Management
✔️ Frontend Optimization

You get the ability to see between the lines and identify solutions to problems, enabling you to structure, build, launch, and sell any product or service in any niche. And it makes you unique because you've created something that can't be duplicated.

And, just so you know, I'm really hands-on.

I'm there working with your projects, copy, ads, and just about everything.

I'm basically your personal consultant.

Deep Mastery Done-With-You
This premium program gives you deep skills in the areas that matter most. It's hands-on, in-depth, and designed to morph you into a force to be reckoned with.
How it works:

Expert Evaluation:
Submit your work and we will review it and give you personal feedback, suggestions for improvements, and next steps.

Implementation Calls:
We will have two calls every week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. One focused on growing your broad skills and the other focused on strengthening your deep skills. The calls are designed to push your limits and shape you into a full-stack business builder who can handle anything that's thrown at them.

Slack Workspace:
This is our central hub of communication. It's where you can communicate with us directly. Ask questions and participate in discussions that will give you the most up-to-date strategies and tactics.

Custom Dashboard:
This is where we track results. Making decisions requires accurate data that gives you the full picture of what is happening in your business. We'll make a custom dashboard that guides our decision-making and gives us objective criteria to measure results on.

Ideal For: Those ready to work closely with an expert hands-on for accelerated growth.

Become A Full-Stack Business Builder
This comprehensive program focuses on broadening your marketing knowledge and business skills, shaping you into a full-stack business builder. While it's less hands-on than the Accelerator, it's equally valuable in its breadth and depth.
How it works:

Weekly Implementation Calls:
Learn cutting-edge marketing tactics and business strategies every Thursday.

Call Highlights:
Review the most valuable moments from the implementation calls.

Slack Workspace:
Groups discussions and personal DMs between calls.

Custom Dashboard:
Track your results and use the data to guide your actions.

Ideal For: Those who are looking to scale their skills without the need for personal hand-holding.


The Accelerator is where we dive deep into business and help you hands-on with everything you're doing. I'll be a hands-on consultant in your business.

That's why it isn't cheap and the price has to increase to maintain a high standard of quality.

The Amplifier is similar because I'll give you next-level strategies, but I'm not hands-on in your business.

So, if you're OK learning from me without my added hands-on touch, then Amplifier is right for you.

The Accelerator is about going really deep in a sure-to-win area of your business, and Amplifier is about expanding your skillset in order to grow your business.

I take everything I've learned and continue to learn and then I teach it to you via live calls and group discussions. This will give you a very broad understanding of marketing and business strategies and tactics that will enable you to compete with seasoned professionals.

And then, you can make your own decision about how you want to spend your profits... I can't tell you what you should do at that point, but I can help you get there.

So, if you really want to become one of the best in the world, then Amplifier is the first step in your journey towards separating yourself from the pack.

After you sign up, you'll be taken to our onboarding page. Join our workspace and complete the onboarding instructions.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and the Teaching-Revolution team! We look forward to working with you to grow your business to new heights of profitability.

Best wishes,

P.S. The Accelerator and the Amplifier are more than just a way for you to grow as a coach or teacher...They're a place for you to know how to grow your business YOURSELF.

We're here to give you the skills you need to succeed long-term, so you don't get distracted by shiny objects, trends, and fads. What you'll learn will give you the power to solve any problem you face in your business.


Contact us:

[email protected]