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I Hesitated a Lot About Being an Independent Teacher | Teacher Stories

Amy tells us about starting her own language teaching business and growing it in the very early stages. Amy joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and her teaching path has changed. She talks about it in this video. Here's what she says:

Hi! My name is Amy Li Ye. I am a Chinese Mandarin teacher. I'm now living in France, so my students are French speakers. I was born and raised in Shanghai. I came to France for further studies. Since then, I've worked for several schools as a Chinese Mandarin teacher. When I graduated I considered acquiring my own students, so I made a Chinese learning website: topchinois.com and produce a lot of educational videos. I sell these videos on my website and I sell my private lessons.

I hesitated a lot when I started being an independent teacher and running a school until I found Kris Amerikos's teaching business program and I said, "Wow! That is what I am looking for!" So, I joined his program. It was just about one and a half months ago, but a lot of things have already changed. The most important change is that I have decided to treat my teaching activities as a serious business, not a personal pleasure anymore.

After listening to Kris's program, I've structured my offers, I've created my pipeline, I've built my client list, I've made a plan to work on my website, my Facebook page, my YouTube channel better than before. And I've learned how to study my niche and focus on my target clients. I think everything now is on the right path and I've seen results in this short period of time. I have three new clients and it's bringing me $420 more per month. And every week I add five or six people to my list for my new program. When I launch the program it will bring me $600 to $800 more per month for each class. And I have established a partner relationship with a textbook author, two blogs, and a YouTube channel. I believe these cooperations will certainly help me generate leads.

At the end of the video I want to point out that in Kris's program I feel supported. I see a successful teacher who shares his experience with me and in the community I see a lot of other teachers who are doing the same thing I am doing. So, I'm not alone. As a teacher, I think it's good to work in a school, but it's better if we are able to work for ourselves. What do you think?

I am Amy Li Ye, founder of Top Chinois. If you are interested in what I am doing, please feel free to contact me. Bye bye!


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