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So Many Results And It's Completely Changed Who I Am | Teacher Stories

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Hey guys! My name's Andrew and I'm an English teacher from the U.K. and I'm a part of Kris Amerikos's Top 1% Teacher. So, I began teaching in 2012 and I've taught in Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, China, and Brazil. And I've also worked for some online companies too.

And I started the Top 1% Teacher program because I wanted to do basically three things. I wanted to make my own schedule. I wanted to set my own rates. And I wanted to be completely independent and teach what I was passionate about and choose my own students.

So, the things that I like the most about the Top 1% Teacher program is that it's very clear and easy to follow. You don't have to be an experienced or professional teacher to join this program. And Kris makes it very easy to understand. He has very easy steps to follow to get you to where you need to be. And it really goes into detail about how you can be completely independent.

So, I've been part of the program for about six months now and in that time I've seen huge results. I've got about twelve clients that pay me the rate that I chose, the rate that I think I deserve. And I'm finally teaching the people I want to teach and teaching the subject that I want to teach. So, in that sense it's great.

I think as well what is also very useful is that Kris holds these live calls on the Facebook page that he has, where all of the people who are part of the program join, and he answers questions you might have about the program or any problems you're facing. And he also has a very supportive staff to help you if you are having trouble or difficulty in any area of the program.

So, my advice to people who are thinking about taking this program, I would highly recommend it. It's gotten me so many results and it's completely changed who I am as a teacher, but also as an individual too. I like when, at the beginning of the program, he teaches you how to shift your mindset to become an independent teacher. So, you know, he doesn't just teach you about how to grow your own business, he teaches you how to become a businessperson, which I think is very important and useful for anybody that's setting up their business.

So, yeah, that's me. Soon I'm going to be working on value-for-money products, where I'm going to be selling my value, rather than my time, which means that I can earn even more money, reach out to more people, and help more people, and continue to do what I love.

So, I hope you've all found that useful for whoever is watching. Again, I highly recommend joining the Top 1% Teacher program. There's so much value in there. And I know Kris will do whatever it takes to help you get to where you need to be to be independent and to start your own business. Thanks for watching! And I hope to see you maybe in the Facebook group that Kris has in the future. Bye!