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This Literally Changed Everything For Me | Teacher Stories

Hi! My name's Bryan and I'm from the Philippines. Before joining the program I had been struggling to find students. Just a brief background about me: I've been teaching English for more than three years now, purely online. And just last year I decided to turn my job into a business. I've read a lot of information about how to do this and even joined some programs online.

My number one problem was finding the right clients because previously the way I got clients was through referrals. And it was very slow. And aside from that, most clients that had were only able to pay for a certain amount of fee. And that's definitely lower than the ideal amount that I wanted.

So, I decided to join this program because I saw that Kris has built a successful business and it looked like he knew exactly what I was going through at the time and even up until now. So, I wanted to try it for myself. And I did. And I learned a lot of things in his program.

I would say that his Top 1% Teacher program is really essential for people who are not only creating a teaching business, but also for anyone who wants to start or grow their business. He talks about the principles that you should have. And one of the best concepts that I learned from him is that your business is directly related to your personal life, you know, like who you are. So, if you are a successful person, then it will radiate and it will show up in your business. If you're a failure, then it's going to affect your business as well. And, yeah, that's basically it.

The good news is he will walk you through this program step-by-step and you'll be able to develop a mindset and build the habits that support that mindset. So, that's the principle side. Then, there's also the technical side where he tells you how you can build your brand or your business, how you can find the right clients, and the most important thing is how to create value for you and for your clients. And this literally changed everything for me.

I got results faster than I had them last year. I was doing this thing on my own for about six to eight months last year and then I joined the program and applied his teachings and I got results within just the first two months. I highly recommend this program not only for people or those of you who want to turn your teaching job into a business, but also for anyone who wants to create a business. This will definitely change your life and it will definitely change the lives of the people around you.


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