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I Know How To Contact And Convince People To Study | Teacher Stories

Hello everyone! I'm Chieu from Vietnam and I live in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam. I'm an English teacher and I used to work in a university, a language center, and I also tutored some students at home. But three years ago I had to stop everything and start a new job as a mommy. It's really really a hard job and I had a really hard time.

But, luckily, another door opened for me. It's the time I met Kris on Facebook and I took his course, in November 2018. Since then, I've started everything to set up my own teaching business online. I've learned a lot of skills from him. First of all, how to organize class, how to organize lessons, how to organize the timetable. But the most important skill is that I know how to contact and convince people to study with me.

This skill is very important, very essential, because it will make your business survive and grow up. Thanks Kris very much for teaching me this skill. I think this program is very useful for people who want to play by their own rules. Kris used to say I can play by my own rules. I apply this statement and I can play by my own rules too.

Indeed, I can work independently. I can earn money. I can have time to spend on myself and my family, which I cannot do if I start working full-time in a university.

Thank you very much for teaching me lots of things Kris. And I think this course is very sensible for people who want to work independently and who want to manage their own time and who want to play by their own rules. Good bye!


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