I'm Already Thinking About the Next Stage of my Business | Teacher Stories

teacher stories Oct 04, 2018

David is teaching English online. He tells us about starting his own language teaching business and growing it quickly. David joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and has got tons of value and seen results in just a few weeks. He talks about it in this video. Here's what he says:

I started up with the language teaching business about three weeks ago. I found Kris on YouTube. I was researching VIPKid and Magic Ears to teach English online and I found one of Kris's videos where he talks about how important it is to manage your own ship as an entrepreneur and as a teacher and that the offline industry is kind of dying and I totally agree with that.

I have a lot of experience with other business industries that kind of proved to me that the digital revolution has pointed us in a new direction. So, I felt really strongly about what Kris had to say. I liked his message. I tried out his basic training. I finished it in about two days. Then I was on a one-to-one with him and since then it's just been a massive amount of growth.

I've already got a ton of value out of the trainings that he offers and I've put a lot of his practices into place and I'm seeing results. I have four paying clients right now and many other leads booked that I'm waiting to close. I'm already thinking about the next stage of my business. I'm doing tons of marketing research and development and growth and I just have a much better understanding of what it means not only to teach a language, but also to learn a language, and also to build a business around that.

So, yeah, loving it. Absolutely loving it. What a great experience so far. I couldn't recommend Kris's courses enough. If you are a teacher, either running your own business now or even if you're running a business that's not necessarily English or other language teaching, Kris has got a great course built up and can help you get on your feet fast.