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How to Set Goals

Setting and achieving our goals is the backbone of our existence and evolution

Simple goal setting 

Simple goals mean attainable goals that can be done soon and in a realistic and concise manner, this also makes sure we minimize our chances of failure.

The truth is that some goals are achieved while others are not and it’s important to understand why.

Complex goal setting:

Three steps we can take towards complex goal setting

  • the first step is an analysis
  • the second step is actually setting the goal and doing some task related to getting to
  • and of course, the most important step is execution

It’s important to consider what might get in the way of your goals just as much as how you’re going to accomplish them. 

Our short-term goal needs to be in line with our long-term goal of course this will not be easy this will be over the span of a few years.

Long term goals:

Long-term goals are the objectives you want to achieve in the span of say 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Want to start a new business maybe learn a new language over even buy a new house all of these qualify as long term goals we set long term goals to improve ourselves and the quality of our life in other words they are the reasons we cover work we are the reasons we study and their other reasons we simply want to get better.

Short Term goals:

Goals can be further broken down into shoulder more attainable goals these goals can say a span of 12 years or even 6 months and another part of the 5,10 or even 20 years.

Realistic Goals:

Setting realistic goals is very important as we do you want to make sure that we are able to achieve them and they do not become overwhelming for example if you just started exercising it might not be the best time to decide to run a marathon it might not be realistic to want to learn a new language in a month but with practice and smarter If you’re having a hard time accomplishing your goals, it may be because you’re focusing too much on the goal itself and not how you’re going to get there. Learning to set more realistic goals is really about defining tangible steps to get you where you are trying to go.


Always remember to reward yourself and your efforts as motivator research shows that you are more likely to be your goal if you reward yourself for that habit you modified.

Rewards are an integral part of accomplishing goals – after all, every step in the right direction is worth celebrating! 

Making time:

Making time is an important part of working towards your goal. Malcolm Gladwell a famous author said you need to work 10,000 hours to be great in any field.

That might be a little too much in normal terms but if we simply break it down into an hour or two per day, that's seven to ten hours per week and 45 hours a month.

So let's not say I don't have time let's make the time and make it happen.


Are essentially plants and plans incomplete war useless without execution, thus the most important aspect of Goal setting is making sure we are taking the steps to actually put in the work.

Goals may not always be easy but that's why they would do it if it was easy everyone would do it would not hold the same regard it would not feel the same way saying goes the higher the mountain the longer the obstacle the sweeter the victory.



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