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How to Start Anything

In this video Kris Amerikos talks about how to start anything. There are barriers to getting starting, whether you want to start a business, a new hobby, or just make a change in your life. You can effectively overcome those barriers and take action by understanding what Kris presents in this video.

The biggest barrier to anyone who is trying to start a teaching business, or start any business or start learning a new language, or start getting a new job, or anything like that, the biggest barrier is identifying the disparity in their own beliefs.

First of all, let’s just really think about what it means “to start”. This means we had no forward motion leading up to this point, right? We can’t start if we are already going. We can’t start if we’ve been doing something for a month or six months or year. By definition, this isn’t starting because we’ve already started and we have forward motion.

And what does it mean “to stop”? It means that we do not have forward motion right now, but we do have the potential for forward motion. You see, when we “start” we realize our potential for forward motion.

We said “stop” has the potential for forward motion, so without “stop” we cannot have a “start”. We could also say that “start” has the potential for reduced forward motion because one must “start” before it is possible to “stop”. So every “start” has at least a small amount of “stop” in it and every “stop” has at least a small amount of “start” in it.

Once you understand what that means, not just in theory, but in practice, that’s when your life will change. Seriously. Your life will change because you will be forced to face the logic of this simple idea. Without “stop”, we wouldn’t have “start” because every start has at least a small amount of “stop”.

So, what happens with humans is that we create this persona to describe the positive, good attributes that we want to associate with ourselves and we create our persona’s shadow to describe the negative, evil attributes that we want to dissociate from. When we do this, when we draw this line between good and evil and when we create this boundary that doesn’t really exist outside of our minds, we have also drawn a battle line.

Once we’ve drawn this line and started down the path to doing battle, it’s very hard to convince us to put down our arms and to give up the fight. But once someone has been able to do it, it seems like it was the easiest thing in the world to do. These battle lines, and the ensuing battles that take place because of them, they only exist because you created them in your mind. In reality they do not exist.

If you are a person who believes that he or she needs to start, then, in order to start, what you need to do is continue. All you need to do is continue. You see, right now you believe that you are a person who needs to start. You are going to fight and fight to convince yourself and others that you need to start. But what if the answer were much simpler? Starting and stopping do not exist. They are complimentary parts of the same whole. They are two sides of the same concept. All you need to do is continue.

The only difference between someone who has started and someone who has not is that the person who has started believes he has started and the person who hasn’t started doesn’t believe he has started. If you’ve listened to me talk this whole time or if you’ve only heard part of what I’ve said here, make sure you remember this and really take it to heart because it will completely change your life like it did for me. A successful person believes he or she is successful, whereas an unsuccessful person believes he or she is unsuccessful.


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