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How A 23-Year-Old Loser Quit His Teaching Job And Started Multiple Independent Teaching Businesses

teacher stories Oct 14, 2018

In this post I’m going to be completely honest with you. In 2009, I was broke. Actually, I was worse than broke. I was in serious debt and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I made the decision to go abroad and teach English as a way to escape the reality of what was to come – a lifetime of work in a mundane job. Then, I had the brilliant idea (be sure to note the sarcasm) of starting my own language school in Russia. I ended up working seventy to eighty hours a week and making less than I would have made in my previous teaching position working thirty hours a week. The worst part was that I had nothing to show for it but massive debt (fifty grand).

I used social media, advertising, YouTube, Facebook, cold calls, and even stood outside in the rain and snow and handed out flyers, but nothing worked for me. I felt humiliated and the other teachers I knew who had told me that my dream of starting my own teaching business would never pan out were laughing at me and saying “I told you so.”

I really didn’t understand why the advice I had read in books and on websites wasn’t working for me. I lost friends because I didn’t have time for a social life and I was a totally stressed out. I was making less than a high school student bagging groceries at Walmart.

I tried everything to get clients and make enough to survive and none of it worked. Then, one day, I started thinking differently. I asked myself what would happen if instead of begging people for a few minutes of their time and attention, instead I made them come to me?

So I scrapped everything I had done up to that point and went back to planning. I basically had to start over from scratch. I stayed up all night and used every second of my non-teaching time to really come up with something that would change the game for me.

Then I figured it out!

From there I implemented my new method for getting leads and landing clients and it worked like magic. First, I filled up my own teaching schedule. Then, I had to bring on another teacher and his scheduled got filled up with lessons super fast. And then we added on another teacher and another teacher and before long I had to stop teaching because I needed to focus on other aspects of my business. It just took off.

Up to that point my main concern had been just breaking even and hitting zero. But suddenly my biggest concern had become having enough teachers to work with all of the clients I was getting. From there I went on to open a second teaching business, which broke even in 6 months. Then, I started a third teaching business that only took 3 months to break even. And then I started teaching business number 4 that broke even the first month.

Now the teachers I had worked with in my previous teaching job weren’t laughing. They were asking me how I did it and they wanted to have what I had. They started telling other people about my story and before long I had complete strangers asking me how to start a teaching business and how to make it wildly profitable like I had been able to. You know, they didn’t just want to break even. They wanted to make lots of money teaching languages, getting clients and students and being able to quit their job and work independently and live freely.

And at first I just turned people away and told them that I didn’t want to teach anybody what I had learned. I really didn’t think other people could do it. I thought I had done something special and really unique that only I was able to do and that they wouldn’t be able to do it successfully. But some of the people who started writing me and contacting me were really really pushy. They would offer me thousands of dollars just for me to spend a few hours of my time explaining how I had been able to get such amazing results. 

So after about a year of people contacting me and practically begging me to help them set up their own teaching businesses based on my non-traditional model, I finally gave in and agreed to help them. Like I said, I didn’t really believe that it would work at first and that’s why I was so hesitant, but I gave it a shot and had a few Skype calls with some of the people who had been contacting me and I went through my whole process for setting up a teaching business, generating leads, closing leads, managing clients, creating products, sales, marketing, everything.

And then, I was shocked. The people who had participated in those Skype calls and had implemented the strategies I had given them actually started getting clients. Within a few weeks they had generated several thousand dollars in new client revenue. The most amazing thing was that some of them had no experience in business or even in teaching.

Yes, some of them had never taught anything before and now they had their own teaching business and were making more than most teachers with twenty years of experience.

So, I started wondering if this was just a fluke or if these results could be replicated on a regular basis. That’s when I started regularly accepting people into my training program and really making it structured and creating a lot of additional resources to make the process as clear and as simple as possible. I had a rule that I would accept only 5 new members into the program each month. And BOOM – they got clients too. Then, I changed my rule to 10 new members.

Everything happened so fast that it’s still hard for me to believe that that’s how it all happened. Just writing this text right now makes me realize how crazy it’s been, but the last two years have been an explosion of growth. Just using the same methods and the same strategies, those who joined my program were able to get the same results I got and other teachers got.

So what is it about my teaching business methods that are so damn good?

How have I been able to go from a 23-year-old, broke, debt-plagued loser to the owner of multiple teaching businesses, making 50x what I used to make each month from my teaching activities, and helping other teachers set up their own successful, profitable teaching businesses?

There are only 3 things that you need to focus on. If you put all of your focus and your attention into developing these 3 things, then you are guaranteed to be successful and to have a spectacularly profitable teaching business.

There are so many things going on in the world today, so many distractions, and so much information. A lot of people try to do anything and everything possible. I don’t. I try to do less. Success in our modern world is not about what you do – it’s about what you ignore.

While others have burnt themselves out trying to focus on a million different tasks, I’ve mastered the only 3 things that matter.

Want to know what these 3 things are?

I spent 6 months putting together a free training for you that shows you exactly how I got started and grew my teaching businesses to where they are today. I literally show you everything in my businesses and reveal the 3 key things you need to focus on. These 3 things are the foundation my success is built on and it’s the foundation of the success of the teachers who have joined this program up to this point.  

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The lessons taught in this training are the core foundation of my success and the success of the people I’ve worked with and they will be the foundation of your success too.

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