Now I Wonder: Is There A Box? | Teacher Stories

teacher stories Sep 07, 2019

Hi! My name is Maria and I'm from Greece. I've been teaching English for the past ten years, both in Greece and in the U.K. Well, I have worked online as a private tutor and at language schools around Greece. The thing is that this year I want to change my context and that's why I joined Kris Amerikos's program. Well, I just wanted to have someone to help me take the right steps in order to build my own online business.

For the training videos that I have watched I'm going to talk about two things that I have pondered on the most. Well, one thing regards group dynamics and the psychology of the crowd, how they behave when they are part of a group, and, well, everything about those blind followers.

Well, to be honest, what can I say? Preexisting misconceptions regarding native and non-native teachers of English can be significant barriers. But, then again, through this program I've learned about market distortion and how we can bring our learners back to truth.

The other thing that I want to talk about is our subject pool. We need to find a non-traditional subject pool. And then, again, we have to identify their one specific problem that worries them the most and bridge the gap. Well, what can I say? It involves a lot of research and trial and error approach. And then you have to test your product, you have to adjust it and test it again, until you get it right.

Well, it's been quite fascinating and, to be honest, I highly recommend this program because, well, it has pushed me to think, I don't know, from inside the box outside the box. And now, honestly, I wonder: is there a box?

Well, what I would say is draw a line. Think about the value that you provide your students with and the considerations you have regarding their becoming. Well, other than that, just give it a try!