You Don't Have To Be A Tech Wizard | Teacher Stories

teacher stories Oct 03, 2019

Hello everybody! My name is Paul Witherspoon. I am from Gary, Indiana and I live in Milan, Italy. And before I started working with Kris Amerikos I was already teaching online. I was actually doing language coaching to entrepreneurs, business owners, founders of startups, for companies in Italy.

And I decided to work with Kris because I saw that, first of all, his copy. His copywriting really intrigued me, but I saw a webinar and I saw that he was really business savvy. And also he had results. And he had a program to transition into online courses - because that was my next step.

So, I made the transition from a regular English teacher to a language coach. And then I started coaching online ... or started teaching online in 2017. I became a coach in 2018. And then, after a year of coaching online, I wanted to stop trading my time for income.

And so, what I found positive or useful is Kris has a step-by-step, week-by-week program to follow, which is packed with information. I'm still in Week 2. I haven't even finished ... or I just started Week 2 and I've already made two sales, a possible three sales in about two weeks, after watching the training for Week 2. So, that's how things have changed for me so fast. So just after three days of working or of using the training, I made my first sale. And then, the next week I made my first sale ... actually, my second and third sales, in the second week.

Ok, and this is selling a course that didn't even exist. Ok, so I was selling my online language learning course, and I had no content at all. So, this is the first time I've ever sold an online course ... with no content! And, so, hopefully, once the wire transfers go through ... the first wire transfer went through already. The second one should go through today. And then, the third one, I have to check, also for today. But that's a possible 1,000 euros in about two weeks with barely any course content. I've just started creating course content for my delivery platform and, you know, Kris shows you how to do all of that. He shows you how to do basic things. You don't have to be a tech wizard to do these things, so, really basic tools and then you can advance to other things.

And so, my recommendation is, you know, if you are an online teacher or a regular teacher or a coach or something like that and you want to stop trading your time for money, and you want to stop feeling burnt out and tired and stressed, then I recommend using Kris's program.