10 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand for Teachers and Teaching Businesses

teaching business Dec 07, 2017

In this video Kris Amerikos talks about building your own personal brand as a teacher or as a teaching business. Building your own personal brand will help you stand out in the marketplace and will help you attract more of the right type of clients.

Three Main Steps:
1. Choose Your Online Persona
2. Maintain an Online Presence
3. Keep Learning

10 Points to Focus on When Building Your Personal Brand

1. Be Yourself and Provide Value
   a. Write your brand definition
   b. Have a specialization
   c. Write your biography
2. Demonstrate a Wide Range of Emotions
3. Display Your Values and Priorities
   a. Define what you want to achieve
4. Highlight Your Strengths and Differences
5. Choose Platforms and Audit Pages
   a. Assess your current reputation
   b. Choose a "headquarters"
   c. Update, delete, and redo
6. Create a Marketing Plan and Be Consistent
7. Be Accessible, Helpful, and Polite
   a. Building your brand = building a community
8. Become an Opinion / Thought Leader
9. Master Your Craft
10. Master Your Industry