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Teaching Online

teaching online Jan 28, 2019

The increase in popularity and use of the Internet has given rise to a teaching revolution and amazing opportunities for teachers around the world. Most people only think about what's happening right now and don't look at trends and patterns from the past that have led to this point and how they will continue into the future.

In this video we look at the combined effects of three variables: global population, global Internet usage, and average human life span.

Here's what we cover:

1. How the world's population has grown and continues to grow.

2. The percentage of the world's population that uses the Internet.

3. The average human life span.

4. What you can do to take advantage of current global trends.

5. How the Internet and growing global population are helping teachers.

6. How to have a competitive advantage when teaching online.

7. Why you need to start taking your teaching activities more seriously right away.


Resources mentioned in this video:

Internet-Population-Life Span -- Download PDF here


Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Now go out there and be revolutionary! team.

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