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What business can I start as a teacher?

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business ideas for teachers

A teacher is a person who helps others learn, acquire knowledge or skill, and facilitates education. Although teaching is a rewarding career where you make a real difference, it is not a very well-paid job. Many teachers today have already diversified and become successful entrepreneurs. 

If you are a motivated, creative, smart educator with a can-do attitude, here are some ideas to help you jump on the bandwagon and transition out of the traditional classroom:


Tutoring business:

Tutoring has been helping teachers supplement income for many years, however in today’s digital age, you do not need to invest in a brick and mortar workspace nor be restricted by geographical boundaries. You can have a national and international presence. We at TEACHING-REVOLUTION can help you set up your online tutoring business, click on the link and let us help you become an entrepreneur. 

Book Writing and Ghostwriting:

Unleash the creative writer in you and start a book. It is a very competitive space and landing a deal with a publishing house may not be that easy. If you are not seeking fame or popularity and are happy to work behind the scenes, you can still indulge your passion for writing by starting as a ghostwriter. Identify your niche, make contacts, and market yourself.



Another fun way creative writers can earn extra. Copywriting is an essential part of marketing and advertising. There are many online platforms where you can start as a freelance copywriter.

Put your persuasive writing skills to good use, copywriting is in demand.


Business Plan Writing:

A business plan is an important tool used by entrepreneurs to chalk out their business goals and strategies and to attract investors. You can use your experience with business and legal English to offer services as a business plan writer. If you are a thorough, organized professional with comprehensive research skills, this may be the right gig for you.


Professional Speechwriting:

Effective Teachers are good communicators, they not only inform and impart knowledge, but they also know how to entertain, persuade and guide students. These are exactly the same skills you need to become a professional speechwriter. Power your clients with clear and effective speeches and help them become confident public speakers.


Proofreading and Editing:

You can offer general proofreading or in-depth editing services to businesses, researchers, students, authors, or bloggers. As a proofreader, your job is to check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical or formatting, and typographical errors in a given piece of writing before it gets published. An editor on the other hand also curates the content.


Content Writing and Curriculum development:

Educators with extensive experience can use their skills to create content for test preparation organizations or develop and sell resources to fellow teachers to make a profit. There are many online platforms where specialized lesson plans and worksheets can be sold. If you are comfortable working under tight deadlines, try your hand at writing blogs or articles and get paid for your services.


Today’s technological advancements have made it possible to generate revenue from the comfort of your home. Start your side hustle today and become a business owner. By sharing your expertise, you are becoming part of the revolution taking over the education industry worldwide.


Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments below!


Written by Preeti Lamba