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Grow Your Business On The Go


  •  5 hours and 14 minutes of audio
  •  Transformation chapter
  •  U-Niche chapter
  •  Creating a Course chapter
  •  The Only 3 Things You Need chapter
  •  Niche + Offer chapter
  •  Getting Clients chapter
  •  Q&A chapter
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$2M LOW TICKET course
39M VIEWS course
Top 1% Teacher training program

AND You Get All Of This When You JOIN TODAY:


  • 📘 The First Client
  • 📘 Non-Traditional Business Model
  • 📘 Overcoming Your Initial Conditions
  • 📘 The Fluid Identity
  • 📘 Choosing a Niche
  • 📘 Creating an Offer
  • 📘 Getting Clients
  • 📘 Vehicle of Change


  • 💰 3 Funnels To Reach $2M
  • 💰 Landing Page Video
  • 💰 Seminar / Webinar Video
  • 💰 Webinar Mechanics
  • 💰 Offer and Post-Purchase
  • 💰 The Product
  • 💰 Ads and Traffic


  • 👁️‍🗨️ My Best Video Ad Ever
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Why This Works (How you can repeat it)
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Video Ad Script
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Side Effects of Successful Video Ads
  • 👁️‍🗨️ The Role of YouTube in Your Business


  •  How to Get Started
     Initial Conditions
     Stages of Existence
     Subject Pool
     Independent Variable
     Free Pipeline Strategy
     Stages of Product Development

    📌 P.P.E. Printout
    📌 Initial Conditions Worksheet
    📌 Initial Chemical Equations Spreadsheet
    📌 Goal Evolution Equation
    📌 Teaching Equation
    📌 Subject Truth Worksheet
    📌 Truth Oscillation Worksheet
    📌 Subject Identification Worksheet
    📌 Susie Subject Worksheet
    📌 Subject Symptoms Worksheet
    📌 Independent Variable Worksheet
    📌 S.V.R. Hypothesis Worksheet
    📌 Resonance Hypothesis Worksheet

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What People Are Saying:

I made the transition from a regular English teacher to a language coach. I just started week 2 and I've already made 2 sales, a possible 3 sales, in about 2 weeks.

Paul, USA

It's an amazing program. In the first week I got 10x the amount from investing in the course. Already in the last 6 months I've made about 80,000 US dollars. You can't go wrong.

Daniel, Australia

In less than 2 months I've recruited 16 students and they've purchased 400 lessons in total. There is a lot of information in this program.

Claire, Taiwan

Your program is top-notch. It has changed my life and I'm sure it'll continue to change my life.

David, USA

I set up my own teaching business online. I learned lots of skills. The most important skill is that I know how to contact and convince people to study with me.

Chieu, Vietnam

I like investing in my education. I had to learn to think big. I made 32,000 dollars and between coming and going students, 50 students.

Cris, Argentina

There's a lot of noise on the internet. There's a lot of scammers out there. I can't thank you enough. I just want to say 'thank you', 'thank you', 'thank you' a hundred times.

Melvin, UK

I watched lots of YouTube videos and I never ever ever found anything like this before. It's a completely unique experience.

Kayla, USA

I hesitated a lot when deciding to be an independent teacher until I found this program. The most important change is that I've decided to treat my teaching activities as a serious business.

Amy, China

This is the best place for you to start. It's the perfect program. I don't know what could be in a program that could be better than this one. I'm really thankful for this program.

Anna, Russia

I tried out Kris's basic training. I finished it in about 2 days. Then I was on a 1:1 with him. And since then, it's just been a massive amount of growth.

David, USA

The first thing is how clear and easy it is to follow. It's very well-structured, it follows a very scientific method. And it's foolproof. The second thing is how helpful and supportive Kris and his staff are.

Andrew, UK

I've developed my online presence hugely. I needed to focus on who my audience was, which I feel much clearer now, and getting to know that audience.

Teresa, UK

You can feel yourself growing. You share your ideas. You feel like you're on the right path. I'm very lucky that I came across this.

Jannelize, South Africa

I was starting to feel a little bit vulnerable. I wanted a business that would not just be based on my time. I'm actually thinking about using this as a business model for going forward with my own clients.

Nick, UK

I thought it was great. Since I was starting from zero I had no idea whatsoever of how to start. It's packed with so much value. It has so much information about how to start a teaching business. I'm so glad I did it.

Sabrina, Spain

Before joining the program I had been struggling to find students. This program is essential for people who are not only creating a teaching business, but also for anyone who wants to start or grow their business.

Bryan, Philippines

I decided to join this program because I want to make passive income. And what I like most about it is the support we have. And also the other members of the community as well.

Emanuelle, Brazil

From his side and his vast network, Kris helped me find a job. That was a value already. He is an expert at running businesses, at helping you find the potential. It makes you ask questions that you never thought you'd ask to yourself.

Zacharia, South Africa

I find the program very very good. It's full of very important information. I would highly recommend it for anyone would like to get some tips from someone who has been in the same position as yourself.

Pierre, Cameroon

What I was looking for were better ways of thinking about what I do and how I could charge for it. I was looking for systems from somebody who had already figured it out. Kris is that person.

Katy, USA

I decided to join the program to learn how to start my own teaching business. I found the program really helpful, supportive, really detailed. It clearly guides you on how to set up and also how to grow the business.

Jack, UK

This year I want to change my context and that's why I joined this program. I just wanted to have someone to help me take the right steps in order to build my own online business.

Maria, Greece

Since starting the course, I've now got my own website going. I've got my niche that I'm focusing on. And I can really tailor my products to my niche market.

Dave, UK