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How to Make People Think You Are Poor | Why You Shouldn't Tell People That You Don't Have Time

One of the best ways to make the worst impression is to tell someone that you don't have time.

When you behave as if external factors control your behavior, instead of internal factors like your choices and decisions, then you tell people that you are not in control of...


Forgiveness for Teachers | Emotional Scars | Immunization Against Negativity | Business Problems

This video is about solving personal issues in order to help your business succeed.


Can You Provide Enough Value?

This video is about how to make $5,000 or more every month by teaching online, monetizing your teaching activities, and starting or growing your own teaching business.

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Hourly Rate - Teaching Online - How to Earn More per Hour

This video is about hourly rates for teachers and how to earn more per hour.

In this video we discuss:

  • What stops most teachers from earning a high hourly rate.
  • What they can do to increase their hourly rate.
  • Mental barriers that hold them back.
  • An example of how...

Who Is A Native Speaker? | A Guide to the Native Speakerism Debate

One of the most controversial topics in language teaching and learning communities is "native speakerism". There is a lack of consensus as to how to properly define this phenomenon, but generally speaking it refers to the widespread belief that native speakers...


Like/Love and Dislike/Hate Tendencies

This video is about the like/love and dislike/hate tendencies.

More resources here: https://www.teaching-revolution.com/blog


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