Turn What You Know Into A Highly Profitable Business

Step-by-step guide to scalable setup and profitable growth in the next 90 days


Is this real?

Imagine waking up in the morning to a month's worth of income in your bank account, which you earned overnight, while sleeping.


That is what happened to me: I started making money in my sleep.

I made a month's salary in one night, while I was sleeping. 

It came from my 2-month-old online business.


No technical background, no business experience, and no following?

I know exactly where you are because I've been there.


This was me in 2009 working for somebody else.

I started my first business in 2011. 

It wasn't a complete failure ... but I was making the same amount of money as at my old job, while working twice as much.

And the office was a bit tight.

Then we moved online.

I was able to take a $2,000 investment and turn it into $1,200,000.

The question I still ask myself to this day is: How would my life be different NOW if I had learned this earlier?

Today, I use my experience to help others make the same journey faster, easier, and smarter:


... from complete scratch to making money while they sleep.


I know exactly what it takes to create a profitable business and to earn full-time, while working part-time.

I will answer your questions personally.

My unique system has been proven to work across a wide variety of niches and market segments.

It took me 2 years to figure out how to start my own business and I was working more while making less. 

It doesn't have to be that way for you.


To make a long story short:

After starting my second and third businesses - I figured it out.

I was making steady money right from the start of my new business and I had a predictable system that I could rely on.

But most importantly - I was only working part-time.

And that's how this website was born. I wanted to help other coaches, consultants, teachers, and experts do what I had done.

My goal became:

To help 1,000 people grow their business to $1,000,000.


Here's our progress so far:




Have you been wanting to start on your own and gain the freedom to work for yourself for far too long?

Well, you don't have to be like me and wait for years to figure it out.

You can start by teaching what you already know and using a few simple techniques.

What you don't need: 

❌ website, YouTube, followers, likes

❌ have business or teaching experience

❌ have a degree from a university

❌ large investment

What you do need:

Something that you love doing

Product (I can help you make this)

✅ Marketing plan (I'll give you mine)

Sales pipeline (I'll help you set this up)

Does this actually work in practice?

Oh, yes!




Step-by-step guide to scalable setup and profitable growth in the next 90 days

without complicated terms, tech knowledge, or unnecessary content.

Only practical advice and easy instructions that even complete beginners can apply.


✅  Step-by-Step Implementation Program and Training Platform to help you create, launch, and grow your business

LIVE Support from Kris Amerikos and written support from his team

Access to our Private Community of like-minded entrepreneurs and accountability partners from around the world

Personal Setup and Guidance because each person moves at their own pace and we want you to get a 10x return on your investment

What's Inside

Training Platform

Our training platform includes training videos, downloads, worksheets, additional resources, spreadsheets, action steps, and more! You can access our training platform from any computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other Internet-connected device anytime you want.

Action Items

Every step of the process has been carefully planned to help you take action and get results. We use action items to stay focused and track your progress. Our nifty progress tool lets you measure your own progress and results as you build your business.

Content Marketing

There's something about getting your thoughts and ideas down on paper that helps drive us to take action. When you write it down and go through our easy-to-follow steps, your business becomes real because you've already created it.

Website Management

We give you everything you need to start your online business and then some. We will show you how to setup and manage your own website using one simple tool. Not good with tech? We will personally help you with your website setup and management.

Payment Management

Let's be honest - if you just go through the steps and complete a bunch of worksheets, nothing is going to change for you and you aren't going to start your online business. Getting results requires taking payments.  We will help you process your first payment if you've never done it before.

Community of Winners

If you want big changes and you want huge success, then doing the same things you've always done with the same people you've always done them with won't work. We've created a winning environment where teachers who are moving in the same direction as you celebrate successes and discuss issues relevant to you.

Tracking and Optimization

In order to get bigger results than we've previously experienced in our lifetimes, we must learn to do things differently. We will show you how to systematically measure and track your marketing so that you can optimize it to bring you the biggest return on your investment.

Help from Experts

The best way to learn is from those who have already been where you want to go and done what you want to do. You can ask questions and get answers from professionals in the field who share experience and provide insight.

Convert Leads into Sales

We understand that times change, methods change, technology changes, and that's why we provide the awesome benefit of giving you updates. You will learn the latest and greatest strategies for generating leads and converting them into purchases. This is an all-in-one program.

Personal Setup

We will show you the exact processes we use in all of our businesses to take a new brand, idea, or business from an investment of time and money to an automated revenue-generating machine. And we will personally answer any questions you have along the way.

90 Days of Rapid Growth

We understand that people are different and move at different speeds. Our focus is on getting results. We will respect your time and dedicate the next three months to maximizing your return on investment. The only way to fail is to give up...or never start at all.


The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.



Program Walkthrough



Get the following bonuses when you enroll today ...


(Value $5,000)

✅ You can ask questions and get answers from other experienced professionals.

✅ You can review past Live Calls held in the community.

✅ You can apply the digital marketing skills you learn throughout this program.

✅ You can dive deeper into problem areas in your business.



(Value $2,000)

✅ I will show you how to build rapport.

✅ I will show you how to diagnose problems and present your solution.

✅ I will show you how to identify customer pain points.

✅ I will show you how to overcome objections.

✅ I will show you how to use exclusivity and urgency to increase perceived value.



(Value $10,000)

✅ I will show you how to run profitable Facebook ads (including Instagram and WhatsApp). 

✅ I will show you how to run profitable Google ads (including YouTube).

✅ I will show you how to run profitable ads on TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

✅ I will show you how to earn additional revenue from content.

✅ I will show you how to grow a huge following while advertising profitably.

✅ I will show you how I turned $2,000 into $1,200,000 using advertising.



Get the following bonuses when you pay in full today ...



(Value $1,000)

✅ I will help you get started according to your individual and unique skills. 

✅ I will analyze your niche and product.

✅ I will audit your sales pipeline.

✅ I will advise you on marketing strategy and business processes.

✅ I will show you the exact strategies that have worked for me and have 10x'd my business.

✅ You will have a seasoned CEO to bounce ideas off of.

This bonus is only available to those who join today.




(Value $5,000)

✅ I will show you exactly what is working for me right now. 

✅ I will show you how my past products and businesses have worked.

✅ I will use my experience to point out pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

✅ I will show you real statistics from my own businesses.

This bonus is only available to those who join today.




(Value $500)

✅ I will give you the exact programs I use for email marketing, advertising, SEO, automations, web design, and more. 

✅ I will show you the one tool that completely revolutionized my business.

✅ I will explain how to use cheap tools to do a digital pivot and sell what you know online.

✅ I will show you how to connect different tools and programs in order to automate your business.

This bonus is only available to those who join today.



A Complete Implementation Program



Revolutionary teachers unite!





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