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Deep and Wide Skills for Getting an ESL Job

This video is about deep and wide skills for getting an ESL job. More resources here: https://www.teaching-revolution.com/blog Useful links Free Basic Training for Teachers: https://www.teaching-revolution.com/start


Forgiveness for Teachers | Emotional Scars | Immunization Against Negativity | Business Problems

This video is about solving personal issues in order to help your business succeed.


Can You Provide Enough Value?

This video is about how to make $5,000 or more every month by teaching online, monetizing your teaching activities, and starting or growing your own teaching business.

Free Basic Training for Teachers: https://www.teaching-revolution.com/start


Hourly Rate - Teaching Online - How to Earn More per Hour

This video is about hourly rates for teachers and how to earn more per hour.

In this video we discuss:

  • What stops most teachers from earning a high hourly rate.
  • What they can do to increase their hourly rate.
  • Mental barriers that hold them back.
  • An example of how...

The Myth of the Native Speaker

This video is about the myth of the native speaker.

In this video we discuss:

  • What false beliefs many language students hold about native and non-native teachers and speakers in general.
  • Why they hold these beliefs.
  • What effect this has on the language...

It Follows The Scientific Method And It's Foolproof | Teacher Stories

Hi everybody! My name's Andrew and this is my video testimonial for Kris Amerikos's Teaching Business Catalyst program.

So, a little bit of background information about myself. I'm from the U.K. and I began teaching English in 2012. And I joined the Teaching...


I Want To Make Passive Income | Teacher Stories

Hi there! My name is Emanuelle. I'm from Brazil. I've been working as an English teacher for about four years or so. Currently I work at a social project and I teach English to children and adults.

I decided to join this program because I want to make passive income. And...


Like/Love and Dislike/Hate Tendencies

This video is about the like/love and dislike/hate tendencies.

More resources here: https://www.teaching-revolution.com/blog


You Don't Have To Be A Tech Wizard | Teacher Stories

Hello everybody! My name is Paul Witherspoon. I am from Gary, Indiana and I live in Milan, Italy. And before I started working with Kris Amerikos I was already teaching online. I was actually doing language coaching to entrepreneurs, business owners, founders of...

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