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Goal Setting for Teachers | Live Call with Teaching Business Community


Take a behind the scenes look at a live call with the Teaching Business Community, part of the Teaching Business Catalyst training program here:



Sunk Cost Fallacy


In this video Kris Amerikos talks about a problem that every entrepreneur, investor, businessperson, and person in general faces at one point or another: when to quit.

Too often people hold on too long rationalizing it by saying that they need to see a return on their...


I'm Making Just as Much Money as I Would Have Working Full-Time | Teacher Stories


Melvin teaches English in Yangon, Myanmar. He talks about the importance of taking action and shares his results. Melvin joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and tripled his monthly income in two weeks. He talks about it in this...


How A 23-Year-Old Loser Quit His Teaching Job And Started Multiple Independent Teaching Businesses

In this post I’m going to be completely honest with you. In 2009, I was broke. Actually, I was worse than broke. I was in serious debt and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I made the decision to go abroad and teach English as a way to escape...


The Idea of Asking Someone to Pay You - That's Scary | Teacher Stories


Claire teaches English online from the comfort of her home in Taiwan. She talks about how she got started and fears and difficulties that she had to overcome. Claire joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and has sold four hundred lessons in two...


I'm Already Thinking About the Next Stage of my Business | Teacher Stories


David is teaching English online. He tells us about starting his own language teaching business and growing it quickly. David joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and has got tons of value and seen results in just a few weeks. He talks about it in this...


5 Tips for Starting Your Online Teaching Business


In this video Kris Amerikos gives five tips for starting your own online teaching business.

5 Tips for Starting Your Online Teaching Business

1. Think like an entrepreneur, not an employee
2. Don't listen to the noise
3. Don't quit your day job
4. Target a specific audience


7 Aspects of Professionalism


In this live video Kris Amerikos discusses 7 aspects of professionalism.

To be a professional, one must demonstrate these qualities:

-reliability and accountability
-honesty and integrity
-respect for others
-professional image


Gaining the Confidence to Land Your First Clients | Teacher Stories


This is the story of how one teacher was able to start her own language teaching business.

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