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A Life-Changing and Empowering Experience | Teacher Stories

Zacharia tells us about starting his own language teaching business and why he decided to go this route. Zacharia joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and got life-changing results within a month of joining. He talks about it in this video. Here's what...


How to Start Anything

In this video Kris Amerikos talks about how to start anything. There are barriers to getting starting, whether you want to start a business, a new hobby, or just make a change in your life. You can effectively overcome those barriers and take action by understanding what...


Social Media Marketing for Teachers and Language Teaching Businesses

In this video Kris Amerikos talks about using social media marketing as a teacher or as a teaching business. Creating a social media plan and executing on that plan every day will help you get clients by providing your audience with a trusted source of valuable content.


10 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand for Teachers and Teaching Businesses

In this video Kris Amerikos talks about building your own personal brand as a teacher or as a teaching business. Building your own personal brand will help you stand out in the marketplace and will help you attract more of the right type of clients.

Three Main Steps:


Advice From a Teacher Recruiter - How To Get A Job Teaching English (Online or Anywhere!)

Kris Amerikos helps teachers find jobs and helps teaching businesses find teachers.

In this video we discuss:
1. Types of Jobs
2. Preferred Qualities
3. Native vs. Non-Native Teachers
4. Initial Contact
5. Resumes
6. Attachments
7. The Application Process

How I Find Ideal...


Language Teaching Business - What is it? Who can start it?

In this video Kris Amerikos answers five questions about language teaching businesses. Kris teaches the program How to Start Your Own Language Teaching Business (Online or Anywhere!) and explains how teachers can set up their own teaching businesses quickly and easily.

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