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5 Tips for Starting Your Online Teaching Business

In this video Kris Amerikos gives five tips for starting your own online teaching business.

5 Tips for Starting Your Online Teaching Business

1. Think like an entrepreneur, not an employee
2. Don't listen to the noise
3. Don't quit your day job
4. Target a specific audience...


7 Aspects of Professionalism

In this live video Kris Amerikos discusses 7 aspects of professionalism.

To be a professional, one must demonstrate these qualities:

-reliability and accountability
-honesty and integrity
-respect for others
-professional image


Gaining the Confidence to Land Your First Clients | Teacher Stories

This is the story of how one teacher was able to start her own language teaching business.


"The philosophy that changed my life", Jim Rohn | Teacher Motivation

This video is about motivation and not giving up when you are trying to start your teaching business. This is a speech by Jim Rohn that I've listened to a lot of times myself.


I Hesitated a Lot About Being an Independent Teacher | Teacher Stories

Amy tells us about starting her own language teaching business and growing it in the very early stages. Amy joined the Teaching Business Catalyst training program and her teaching path has changed. She talks about it in this video. Here's what she says:

Hi! My name is...


My First Day Teaching English in Russia | Concerns and Advice

This video is about my first day teaching English in Russia. I talk about concerns, fears, and questions that I had as a new ESL teacher. I share advice, tips and tricks, looking back at my experience teaching ESL in Russia.


VipKid Reviews From Teachers: Online Teaching Jobs 2018

This is a video review of VIPKID as an online teaching business and the VIPKID business structure. In this teaching business video review we talk about online teaching jobs and online teaching opportunities. We look at the opportunities teachers have to make money...


How NOT to Start Teaching ESL English Online

Avoid these pitfalls when you are starting your ESL or English teaching career online or offline!

I'm going to tell you how NOT to start teaching ESL online. Even if you are an experience or qualified teacher, you will learn how NOT to structure your online English...



Are you tired of online schools giving you the runaround?

Most schools online and offline want you to submit your resume, then submit an application, then go through several interviews, then submit a demo lesson video, and some may require even more than that!

They seem...


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