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Changing The World One


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Teaching is a science with laws, principles, formulae, and predictable outcomes. We use the scientific method to break teaching down into cause and effect action steps that anybody can follow. We make decisions based on data and results, not trends and feelings.

Other websites try to convince you of how great they are. Our website is dedicated to providing value.


Changing The World One

Teacher At A Time

Teaching is a science with laws, principles, formulae, and predictable outcomes. We use the scientific method to break teaching down into cause and effect action steps that anybody can follow. We make decisions based on data and results, not trends and feelings.
Other websites try to convince you of how great they are. Our website is dedicated to providing value.

The Revolution Has Arrived

Traditional teaching models are outdated and ineffective. They focus on hitting benchmarks and standardized test scores that reduce students to numbers and leave teachers holding the bag. That's why we've revolutionized teaching by placing the focus where it should be - on getting real-life results for both students and teachers.

The Old Way

Teaching hasn't changed much in last 100 years. The traditional model of teaching has produced less-than-desirable results for students and has trapped teachers in an endless cycle of trading time for money.

The New Way

Our new non-traditional model of teaching removes time from the equation and lets teachers use the value they create to reach more students, achieve larger goals, and become the teacher they were meant to be.

How it works:

We give you everything you need to take your business to the next level. We focus on action, not theory, and provide practical training, not academic boredom.


Pieces of paper don't accurately reflect abilities. Degrees, certificates, and diplomas are not end goals and only produce false entitlement. Our teachers focus on getting real results.

Easy-To-Follow Process

Our proven system is easy to replicate and implement, regardless of professional experience or business acumen. It has worked for teachers in every corner of the globe and in every possible niche.

Scientific Method

Success is not a guessing game. It is governed by cause and effect and requires precise measurement. Success as a teacher is as scientific as biology, chemistry, or physics and requires proper methodology.

Psychological Principles

Education is largely psychological and teachers who understand this have a huge advantage. Surprisingly these basic, straightforward principles are commonly overlooked.

Step-By-Step Action Items

Taking action is the only way to get results. We focus on action, not theory. Academic training rarely generates amazing results. Practical training with step-by-step instructions is much more effective.

Learning and Teaching Environment

We believe that the environment surrounding teachers has a strong influence on their success. We provide the environment necessary for teachers to excel including community, accountability, mentorship, and support.


Most teachers don't understand how to synchronize all of the gears in their business so that they work in unison like a well-oiled machine. To succeed you need to master each of these five gears:
  • Cognizance: Long-term thinking, higher-order decisions, cohesive plans of action, order of operations, focus
  • Perception: Axiomatic beliefs, self-knowledge, objectivity, conviction and determination to succeed, motivation
  • Systems:¬†Conceptual frameworks,¬†scientific analysis, interconnectivity,¬†maximal utilization of resources
  • Strategy:¬†Product design, marketing and advertising, financial well-being, client management, business tools
  • Execution:¬†Implementation, scripts, outlines, templates, automized processes, feedback, daily action steps


How we process information determines what it means to us. Before we can fully understand something, we must first be aware of its existence. Improving our awareness to achieve unbreakable focus that allows us to consistently perform at our best requires mental conditioning and psychological training.

We should always strive for peak performance. That means we need our mind and body to be adjusted to their optimal settings. Without making the proper adjustments, our actions will be futile and anything we create will easily be destroyed.

This is as important for teachers as it is for students.

Increased Awareness

Being aware of your own habits, biases, world view, behavioral tendencies, and focus.

In-Depth Cognitive Analysis

Learning to see through surface level facts and identify underlying principles and meaning.


Pushing yourself to do what needs to be done to reach your goals and get the job done.


Taking advantage of the compounding effects of time, memory, and daily action.

Critical Thinking

Identifying logical fallacies and flaws in the status quo and public opinion.

Razor-Sharp Focus

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet agree that the biggest key to success is focus.


You cannot major in minor things if you want to get life-changing results.

Mental Processing

Your own psychology can be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare.

Personal Accountability

By taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life you will be in control.



Meaning is in the eye of the beholder. We add meaning to otherwise meaningless objects and events every second of every day of our lives. Learning how to break our own patterns of meaning attribution and take advantage of pattern-forming techniques helps us lead meaningful, productive lives.

Most people feel helplessly trapped because they believe that everything is out of their control. The truth is that we are the creators of our own destiny and the designers of the universe. Nothing is out of reach when you have the right perspective.

Meaning Attribution

Positivity and negativity are purely a matter of perception that can easily be altered.

Pattern Flows

Everything in life has a pattern including human behavior and decision making.

Environmental Stimuli

Your environment is largely responsible for your success or lack thereof.

Impulse Control

Learning to control split-second decisions and make the right choice without thinking.

Structuring & Optimizing

Workflows become surprisingly easy when you understand how the pieces fit together.

Memory & Emotion

How we experience events leaves an imprint on our perception and memory.

Self Concept & Image

You cannot consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with how you view yourself.

Inputs & Outputs

What you put in determines what you get out. This is true of your mind, body, and work.

Subjectivity & Objectivity

Learning to make decisions based on objective facts, not subjective interpretations of them.



We are submersed in a world of patterns and systems. If you want to understand how something works, you have to analyze the processes taking place within and around it.

In fact, we are moving pieces in large systems that are constantly changing and always in motion. Mastering human behavioral patterns lets us make conscious decisions about our actions and make accurate predictions about what others will do.

The science of teaching is made up of many intertwined processes all taking place simultaneously. Feedback and analysis provide us with invaluable guidance when navigating these systems.


Everything is tied to everything else. Small actions today generate huge results later.

Holistic Approach

Considering all of the variables that interact to produce what we see and know.

Higher-Order Thinking

Looking beyond what is apparent to gain insight into its logical consequences.

Feedback Loops

Feedback provides you with insight into what works and what needs to be changed.

Group Dynamics & Trends

Identifying what's popular now and understanding how to use it to your advantage.


Getting clients in your sleep and automate everything is the only way to grow and scale.

Pipelines & Funnels

Easy step-by-step systems convert strangers to leads and leads to paying clients.

Client Multiplication

Adding new clients isn't enough. You need to multiply current clients to get results fast.

Predictive Analysis

Knowing what's going to happen months before it actually does.



Simply knowing is not enough. To succeed you must have a plan. This is what prevents most teachers from reaching their full potential and achieving life-changing results. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

A great strategy is one that is constantly in flux. A static plan will always fail because the world is not static. Creating a great product is not enough. You must be able to deliver that product in an organized, well-developed way again and again. Great advertising is not enough. You must be able to solve clients' problems and help them achieve their goals. Having rapport with clients is not enough. You must become a true expert and do what is in the client's best interest, even when it contradicts what they want.

Strategic Framework

Developing a strategy can be really simple when you understand the mechanics behind it.

Deliberate & Emergent

Do you set a plan and execute until you are finished or do you make iterations?

Opportunities & Threats

Taking a view on the market that accounts for moving targets and global changes.

Operational Tactics

Making moves like a chess grandmaster that will leave your clients amazed.

Resource Allocation

Spending time and money on the right things separates the experts from the amateurs.

Managing Change

Responding quickly and with flexibility will let you obliterate your competition.

Long-Term Planning

Being great today is not good enough. You need to win for months and years to come.

Vision, Mission, Principles

Aligning your values with your target audience will give you far-reaching influence.

Performance Indicators

Setting specific criteria that communicates progress or problems.



The traditional academic approach has failed us. It focuses almost solely on theory and concepts with little practical application. Taking action is more important than learning formulae and theoretical concepts. Without action there will be no results.

We give teachers tools and resources that make taking action easy. We make teachers accountable to themselves and to others. Without accountability you will get lazy or give up. You have to implement what you learn and take action on a daily basis.

Perfection is the enemy of profitability. One of the most difficult things for any teacher or student to learn is how to take imperfect action. There are no mistakes, just feedback and experience. The only mistake is not taking action.

Compete With Yourself

Stop basing your decisions on what your competition does. Exceed your personal best.

Implementation Program

Follow a clear path to results by taking simple actions regularly and blocking out the noise.

Plan Tomorrow Today

Failing to plan is planning to fail. The best time to plan for today is yesterday.

Hiring & Contracting

Finding the right people at the right time can make or break your business.

Single Actions With Multiple Results

Accomplishing more with less. Do the work of ten people without working overtime.

Financial Prudence

Learning how to keep more of what you make and turn your business into a lean machine.

Begin With The End In Mind

Winners see the big picture and understand how every move they make contributes to it.

Take Imperfect Action

We focus on taking action above all else because action is the only way to win.

Measure Everything

If you don't count it, then it doesn't count. Measuring every click, view, and result.


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